Gorilla Seal™ – Ultra-Clear Light-Cure Sealant

Gorilla Seal™ is an crystal-clear light-cure sealant with a smaller oxygen-inhibited layer that allows the sealant to cure to a gloss finish for reduced polishing. Aesthetically pleasing in its 100% crystal clear form, this resin agent can seal over I.D. or decorative tooth designs, and give a gloss coat to composite restorations and temporaries.

Gorilla Seal™ may reduce staining and sensitivity in such cases as tooth bleaching, cervical erosion, and veneers. May also be used over liners to provide a tight margin and seal.

Standard Kit (Bottle) contains:

  • 1-6ml Gorilla Seal™

Standard Kit (Syringe) contains:

  • 3 - 1.2ml syringes Gorilla Seal™ Clear
  • 1 - 3ml syringes Acid Etch 35% Phosphoric Acid
  • 20-25 gauge Flowthru® Microbrush®-style tips
  • 20 Dispensing Tips
0921050 Standard Kit (Bottle)
0921050S Standard Kit (Syringe)

Must use a halogen bulb for best results.


Ultra-Clear Light-Cure Sealant

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