Aegis® Crown & Bridge with ACP – Crown & Bridge cement

Bosworth Aegis® Crown & Bridge resin cement with ACP is a revolutionary product. In many cases, the ACP reduces post trauma after crowning.

Aegis® Crown & Bridge Cement is a syringe dispensed, two-paste, dual-cure modified resin polymer material for use as a permanent luting cement for crown & bridge, and inlay cementation applications. It is the first crown & bridge resin cement containing an Amorphous Calcium Phosphate (ACP) filler. ACP has demonstrated the ability to reduce micro-leakage related decay due to its ability to accelerate the tooth's own remineralization process. With Aegis® Crown and Bridge's dual-cure system, an extremely tight margin is produced. Trim, and light-cure all around to cure any free-radicals. New activator makes this the perfect product!

*Aegis® products contain the “smart material” Amorphous Calcium Phosphate (ACP). ACP slowly releases calcium and phosphate ions, the basic building blocks of teeth. In scientific testing ACP has demonstrated the ability to remineralize tooth structure by enhancing the tooth’s natural repair mechanism. ACP is referred to as a “smart material” because it only releases calcium and phosphate ions when the pH drops to 5.9. Once the calcium phosphate is released, it will act to neutralize the acid and buffer the pH. ACP acts as a reinforcement to the tooth’s natural defense system only when it’s needed. A simple swish of water will bring the pH back to a neutral 7.4.

Standard Kit contains:

  • 2 - 3ml Syringes Aegis® C&B Part A
0921025 Aegis® C&B Standard Kit (Shade B1 Light)
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