1. Once opened, how long can Bosworth products be stored for after initial use?
    Once opened, Bosworth products can be used until their listed expiration date and as long as it has not been contaminated.
  2. Do you have a slotted HVE tip?
    Unfortunately, Bosworth does not have a slotted HVE tip. However, we do offer non-slotted High Volume Oral Evacuators in white, blue, and green.
  3. What is the warranty for the Bosworth Air Polisher?
    The warranty for the Bosworth Air Polisher is one year from the date of purchase. Warranty will be void unless the warranty card is filled out and returned within the 90 days of purchase.
  4. What would I use an ACP sealant over a Fluoride sealant? What are the advantages?
    Using Bosworth’s Aegis Pit and Fissure Sealant with ACP over a fluoride Pit and Fissure Sealant is beneficial because:
    -ACP works with the mouth’s natural defense system.
    -ACP, the “smart material”, slowly releases calcium and phosphate ions.
    -ACP is activated when pH declines to a level where tooth demineralization occurs.
    -ACP allows for the remineralization of teeth and reverses early enamel carious lesions.
  5. How much ACP is filled in the 1.2ml syringe?
    All Aegis material is 38% filled with ACP regardless of packaging.
  6. How much Benzocaine does the ComfortCaine™ contain? Cora-Caine®?
    Bosworth ComfortCaine™ contains 20% Benzocaine and Cora-Caine® contains 16% of Benzocaine.
  7. How long does the Bosworth soft relines last? (Softone, Trusoft, Dentusil)
    The Bosworth Softone™ lasts for 3-4 days, the Bosworth Trusoft™ lasts for 6 weeks or less, and the Bosworth Dentusil™ lasts for roughly a year. Overall, it varies from mouth to mouth.
  8. What are the differences in the Trim Products? (Trim®, Trim® II, Trim® Plus, Ultra Trim™)
    The differences in our Trim products are:

    • Trim® is a PEMA and comes in two shades that can be mixed to create custom shades.
    • Trim® II is a PEMA and comes in six shades that can be mixed to create custom shades.
    • Trim® Plus is a PMMA and comes in six shades that cannot be mixed with Trim® and Trim® II.
    • Ultra Trim™ is a bis-acryl that comes in three shades in cartridge form.
  9. Do you have a Temp bis-acryl material?
    Yes, the Bosworth Temp Biz-Acryl is our Ultra Trim.
  10. How long does ACP last?
    The duration period of ACP varies from mouth to mouth. However, ACP will last in the oral cavity for 6 months to 2 years with proper oral care. Overall, it is based on patient compliance.
  11. Since the Clorox Hand Sanitizer contains 71% ethyl alcohol, why do your hands stay moisturized?
    The moisturizing component behind our Clorox Hand Sanitizer is the glycerin.
  12. How long does the ACP last, on average, with P&F application?
    The Bosworth ACP with a Pits and Fissure application can last as long as the sealant. This can be from six months to six years.
  13. Is Clorox safe on dental equipment?
    Ask the equipment’s manufacturer for their recommendations.
  14. Is Truliner® used as a temporary fix?
    Yes, it is a reline material but a new denture is preferred.
  15. Some doctors like to heat their disposable trays to shape them for a more custom fit. What is the Bosworth position on reforming the TrayAways®?
    Heating our plastic disposable Trayaways is not recommended as the practice weakens the tray. TrayAway disposable trays fit the vast majority of dental patients so deforming them is unnecessary
  16. Does your Pits & Fissures sealant contain BPA?
    No Bosworth product contains BPA’s.
  17. Why should I use Ultra Trim™ instead of Trim® II?
    The convenience of Ultra Trim™ versus Trim® II is a bis-acryl tolerated by some patients better than a material containing monomer. There is no taste, smell or odor and it comes in a convenient cartridge delivery system.
  18. What replaced PT?
    We did not replace PT
  19. What replaces B-Crowns when they are discontinued?
    At this time the B-Crown replacement is Trim®, Trim® II, Trim® Plus, and Ultra Trim.
  20. Are Bosworth products gluten free?
    Yes, Bosworth Products are gluten free.
  21. Are Bosworth products latex free?
    Bosworth products are latex free
  22. Does Bosworth Cora-Caine® contain Zinc?
    Yes. The Bosworth Cora-Caine® caintains less than 0.5% Zinc Oxide.
  23. Does Bosworth Zinc Phosphate contain protein and gluten?
    No. The Bosworth Zinc Phosphate does not contain protein and gluten.
  24. How do you get TAC off of clothes?
    TAC can be removed from your clothing using 70% alcohol.
  25. Can New and Original Truliner® be interchanged?
    Unfortunately, New and Original Truliner® cannot be interchanged.
  26. Can Trim®, Trim® II, and Trim® Plus be interchanged?
    Only Trim® and Trim® II (PEMA) can be interchanged. Trim® Plus (PMMA) cannot be interchanged.
  27. How do I place an order or contact my Bosworth Sales Representative?
    You can place your order or contact your Bosworth Sales Representative by:

  28. Do you need to use bonding liquid with Trusoft™?
    A bonding liquid is not needed with Trusoft™.
  29. Truliner® is not sticking to the denture. Why?
    When relieving the denture prior to adding Truliner make sure that you expose enough fresh acrylic in order to help assure a good bond especially at the margins.
  30. Why is Trim™ not setting?
    Trim™ may not be setting because of the wrong liquid and powder mixture or the product has expired.